It’s All In The Details!

Date of Bake Sale
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, October 14, 15 & 16, 2016

Deadline for Receiving the Cookies
Tuesday, October 4, 2016

We ask that all bakers stay firm to this deadline. From the day your cookies arrive in Sister Bay there’s a massive amount of work that goes into preparing them for the bake sale from un-boxing the shipped cookies to carefully sorting them together with all the other cookies by theme to assembling the cookie boxes and tying with a ribbon. Remember, you can always make your cookies at any time and freeze them until you’re ready to ship them but again, we ask that they arrive in Sister Bay by October 4.

Shipping Address
Jill Wettstein
Funky Cookie Studio
10590 Country Walk Drive, #3
Sister Bay, WI 54234
(262) 289-0728

Cookie Themes
Kid Friendly

Please keep in mind that when your cookies arrive they will be sorted by theme and mixed together in boxed sets with cookies from other cookiers. This gives those buying cookies at the bake sale a chance to have a variety of designs and flavors. For this reason we suggest creating cookies that can each stand on their own design so they can be sold individually or combined with other cookier’s creations.

Cookie Design
The bake sale is held during Fall Fest in Sister Bay, WI, and is open to the general public. Most of our customers are tourists, who are relaxed and on vacation. Keeping our themes and our customer profile in mind, the design of your cookies is totally up to you.

Size of Cookies
Approximately 3.5” – 4”

Some cookies are sold individually and some cookies are boxed in gift boxes. Please try to stay within the size guidelines.

Do’s and Don’ts
We have learned a lot over the last few years, please:

  • Avoid using fragile cookie shapes as they have a greater chance of breaking in shipping and handling.
  • Avoid using sanding sugar as it has a tendency to fall off in shipping.
  • Avoid using too much black detail piping as it tends to get brittle and oftentimes cracks and chips in shipping.
  • Do not use ribbons, twisties or gusseted bags as we will be gift boxing as many cookies as we can.

Number of Cookies
This is totally up to you — however many you so generously wish to donate is great with us!

Bagging of Cookies
All cookies should be individually wrapped in cellophane bags, folded over and heat sealed or taped closed. If you do not have a heat sealer, simply fold over the top of your cellophane bag and close with tape or a sticker. Inexpensive cellophane bags can be found at here at Gifts International.

MANDATORY Labeling of Cookies:

To stay in compliance with state regulations, please label EACH cookie bag with your cookie name and location (for example: Funky Cookie Studio, Sister Bay, WI). If you would like to include the flavor of your cookie on the label, that’s great too, but not imperative.

Preparing Cookies for Shipping
There are a number of excellent online tutorials detailing how to wrap and ship cookies. Following are a few links …

Posting of Pictures
Please feel free to post your pictures on any/all social media platforms AND on the Go Bo! Foundation Bake Sale Facebook page . Please use the hashtag #gobobakesale2016